Ditch Windows NOW!

How much time have you spent upgrading to Windows 10?

How much time have you spent watching the progress bar on Windows Update?

Really? Do you love watching the progress bar that much?

Don’t just accept that crap.

Ditch Windows!

This morning I have spent over 2 hours trying to upgrade to Windows 10. That’s 2 hours of my life that I won’t get back. A pointless waste of time.

And why? Who knows? (it might be because I’m an idiot)

I used to just accept it as a fact that I would have to figure out how to upgrade stuff. But isn’t that what Microsoft should be doing? I’m just a pleb with a computer. Perhaps it’s my geeky tendencies, but no more.

No more Windows for me!

I’ve been using a Chromebook since the start of 2015 and love it to bits. It cost next to nothing (NT$10,500 or about US$350), does what I want it to do and does it well.

How long have I spent looking at the progress bar in Chrome OS?

None, zip, zilch.

When there’s an update, it downloads in the background a small little icon appears in the bottom indicating that a restart is needed. Bliss.

This tendency to accept crap from software also applied when I used Ubuntu. Yay, it’s free, but I spent hours figuring out bugs and compatibility issues. Hours that I should have spent doing something useful. (NOTE to self: stop undervaluing your time)

Perhaps Apple fans have known this for years (I have no idea, but it sure looks that way), but now non-Apple chaps can have the same.

Get a Chromebook. You’ll never look back.

Dear HTC

Dear HTC

I was so excited when we first met.

As I held you in my hand your One X curves made me feel good.

And you were a spritely little chap.

It seemed as all would go well.

And I was proud of you.

But I was sorely disappointed.

Let me count the ways.

Your photos sucked. I’m not a pro, nor will I ever be. But not being able to take a picture that is fully in focus, even when I hold you gently like a newborn baby or hold you tight like you’re going to run you just can’t do it. It seems so obvious.

In focus pictures. Duh. But nope. Eesh.

You’re greedy. All that space you said. You can take a whole lot of photos and videos you said. But alas you gave me too much. No space left for apps you said. What’s going on there? No space for more apps? Are you kidding? So sad.

Your camera module looks snazzy and all. But the glass of the damn thing touches the surface when placed down. Ridiculous. So slowly over time, besides not taking in focus pictures, they now have a mist moving slowly northward.

A USB port on the side? Sigh. Well, no chance of charging in my pocket then (okay, with difficulty, I have big pockets), or attaching any devices.  And a headphone jack at the top. Hmm, I’ll forgive you, but not too smart.

A recessed front camera might have seemed smart to someone. But they weren’t too smart then. How do you clean it? I’ve gotten a little tired of fishing for earbuds to get that sucker clean. Ooops, I forgot that that camera can’t take a clear picture anyway. Why bother?

I saw your fruity competitor and thought I’d give you a chance. I made my vote and went against the crowd and I was wrong.

You failed on so many levels to really understand me. You tried to convince me with flash and numbers. But your promises were hollow. And your creators showed that they were completely out of touch with what I really wanted or needed.

But your Korean brothers have stepped into the fold.

Samsung has pushed back and they appear to be quite safely on par with the big red fruit. Yay!

So I’m bidding you farewell.

I wanted to support you.

National pride perhaps.

But you let me down.

I wish it weren’t so, but there you go. I have been hurt and the damage is done.

I’m switching sides.

Farewell my Taiwanese friend, perhaps we’ll make up in the future, but I see little hope.

I wish you all the best.

To the future,

Steroids vs Training

I only have a handful of exercise, fitness type sites that I read, and this is from one of them.

In the article analysing Steroids and Training it turns out that you can build more strength with steroids alone than with training alone. Yep, gains with steroids while doing absolutely no exercise. Yikes!

That’s really something that needs to sink in (and it’s mentioned throughout the article). Without any training whatsoever, and with only very small doses of anabolics, it’s possible to outgain someone busting their butt training and being super careful about their diet.

Those 120kg+ chaps. Impossible without steroids.

Link again: http://www.bodyrecomposition.com/muscle-gain/anabolic-steroids-muscle-growth.html/