Surprise Income from Digital Camera Site

One of the many sites I have is which has reviews of cameras.

It was doing quite poorly with adsense on the site. So I took those out and focused exclusively on affiliate links, as all the products on there are from Tigerdirect. Although there are only 20 something posts, it managed to make $47 for the first 3 weeks of January. And I haven’t updated anything for three months. The commission double after $50, so if it goes over $50, it goes straight to $100. doesn’t make this much in a month, but has over 350 posts, although not updated for a very long time.

I stronly suspect that the digital camera site is just a market with more regular buyers, as opposed to the computer market. I also suspect that the keyword list I used for creating the most recent posts on the digital camera site helped a lot. Computer reviews also had a great run in the first few months when I was focusing on keywords with high Wordtracker KEIs.

I will need keyword research for starting the Google adwords campaign later, but the wordtracker subscription is expensive at $329 per year, but so worth it. The monthly option is $59 per month, which is steep. Might just prepare what I need to search for and then sign up for one month as it doesn’t need to be recurring.

Email Autoresponder Series (15 out of 30 done)

I’ve completed half of my target.

Still slow going.

Reviewed the first email to apply the techniques I mentioned in the last post. Quite shocking when looking back at it. Just writing and writing I’m starting to get a better feel of writing those sales letters. Still a long way off, but certainly much better.

These last few will be much harder to come up with ideas.

I’m learning to pick out those things that mean the most to the buyer. All the ideas come form the sales letters that I’ve printed out. I use those to highlight what are the biggest concerns for buyers. Finding what they really want.

Creating a 30 email series from that is not too easy, but enough wining, I should get on with it.