I Wanna See The Real You

So I’ve been getting into Twitter a lot more these past few weeks. Along with that I get to see the new faces “Avatars” of those who follow me or I follow. This is Twitter-centric, but applies to Facebook, blogs and any site for that matter.

I want to see pictures of real people.

I can’t remember where I read it before, but someone said something about using pictures of yourself versus a cute cartoon or something else as an Avatar.

And I agree.

When I’m following someone I feel more at ease, a little more like I “know” them when they have a decent picture of themselves. I don’t want to see a cartoon, or picture of a landscape, or anything clever, I just want to see you.


Probably because in the end I’m talking with a person, even if they’re representing a company, I would still prefer to see a personal picture or headshot, because I’m still talking to a human.

At the very least like a picture on the twitter background, or on the site linked to from there.

Who do I follow on Twitter and Why

I only have a semi-formalized technique for doing this.

Firstly, I followed some of the big Internet marketers, because I am interested in their stuff and they happen to be on Twitter.

Next, I followed a few people who have sales and marketing related blogs. Their blogs were good, so I followed those authors who have Twitter accounts, and most of them do. I often follow Twitter accounts mentioned by these same marketers.

I also followed a range of Chinese Twitterers after going to a Twitter meetup a while back. Much less of the follow madness with this crowd.

Almost all of the deliberate follows I’ve made recently are from blogs and links to other related blogs, mostly English blogs on Taiwan.

Then, for the constant stream of followers that build up. I check out their Twitter page. No avatar, no follow. Backgrounds with big $$$, or make money scheme, no follow. Only very old tweets, older than 1 month, no follow. Otherwise I decide on if the most recent tweets are interesting.

You can follow me too: @pumpkinslayer

Falling into Facebook

I thought I would never have anything to do with Facebook. Hmm, things change, I’m usually shown I’m wrong.

The social networking stuff is interesting. Here’s how it’s playing out currently….

I always had the Peter and Ava blog, which is where all my life updates were before.

I foundĀ Twitter, which is almost like text messaging for the Internet. Just the sort of thing I was looking at to fill the gap between the blog (which I feel should have longer posts with a little more stuff in it) and smaller general updates and small comments.

I also went onto Friendfeed which aggragates updates from various social services online and gives a feed of all those updates, they can be seen in the sidebar on my blog. So far it gives updates on when I upload stuff to Picasa, when I update my status on Twitter and when I update my blog.

Finally I jumped into Facebook. It’s certainly got a novelty about it and great seeing people I know. I use Twitter to update my Facebook status. The interface for twitter is great for my mobile phone, so I can update on the move.

Will I lose my focus with all this extra stuff?

Probably not, the combination solves a few little things I’ve had on my mind, like keeping track of friends, making small updates to my website, so that those tasks can be done quick and I can get them out of my head, right in line with GTD guidelines.