I Wanna See The Real You

So I’ve been getting into Twitter a lot more these past few weeks. Along with that I get to see the new faces “Avatars” of those who follow me or I follow. This is Twitter-centric, but applies to Facebook, blogs and any site for that matter.

I want to see pictures of real people.

I can’t remember where I read it before, but someone said something about using pictures of yourself versus a cute cartoon or something else as an Avatar.

And I agree.

When I’m following someone I feel more at ease, a little more like I “know” them when they have a decent picture of themselves. I don’t want to see a cartoon, or picture of a landscape, or anything clever, I just want to see you.


Probably because in the end I’m talking with a person, even if they’re representing a company, I would still prefer to see a personal picture or headshot, because I’m still talking to a human.

At the very least like a picture on the twitter background, or on the site linked to from there.

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