Diving into Clickbank and PPC

So I bought the Infomillionaire course online and received it about one week ago.

The course is a guide to generating income selling information products online.

The basic process is this.

  • Identify a product on Clickbank.
  • Create a landing page to collect email addresses.
  • Use Pay-per-click to drive traffic to that landing page.
  • Sell the product using an email autoresponder to keep contact.

I’ve identified three niches that I will test. The ultimate aim of the process above is to generate some money, but more importantly it is a tool to gauge whether there is a market for that particular product. If you don’t make any sales of the other guy’s product, then it’s quite possible that the market is not great, then you should try another product.

Not all the products work well online.

At this stage I’m working on the email autoresponder series.

This is proving very taxing on my brain. It’s getting easier, but I have to really put in a concerted effort to get them done. Writing is not my thing, especially when it’s not something I’m familiar with. But I’m pressing on.

It’s strange that I always have a little bit of doubt as to whether this is all possible. Especially after a few years of plugging away at websites that don’t generate much revenue.

I’ll report back on how things go.

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