Ride to Guang Hai Lou


Saturday morning started as usual, except that this day I was amped to get out on the bike with the kids.

We headed off at around 3 o’clock for the 10km or so trip towards the coast. At this time I had no idea of exactly where we were going to end up. I had planned to go to the black-faced spoonbill reserve, but this ended up as a good alternative.


As I nearly reached the Taiwan Salt Museum, all about the areas main product, I notice a small building that had never caught my attention before. Being at the towing kids speed, I pulled over and noticed it was a visitors center. Hardly anyone around, but gave me a chance to have a look around.

It is filled with pictures of beautiful views in Taiwan, but many didn’t look like they were from the area. Sure enough, a great majority of the pictures are of other areas of Taiwan, although apparently all within Tainan. I grabbed a map for future reference, and other places to go.

I inquired with the lady there, a youngster who didn’t really seem to know much about what there was to do in the area, but she did give me one gem that was supposed to be quite close by.

So off we went.


As it turns out, I had been this way before in search of the coast (often blocked by the salt fields) but had just missed the final turnoff.


What I discovered was a picturesque view of the estuary by the sea. It’s been a while since I’ve seen one of these picture-perfect views, but wow.

The viewing area itself is nice enough, being a wooden structure on a flood wall. It was great for the kids to run around on and to get a good view of the sea. There was also ample opportunity to take in the scenery. The weather was just perfect as the rain was holding off and the sun beaming down through the clouds beamed off the ocean below.


I will certainly be back when I can get there.



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